Big Forts

Big Forts
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Western Fort

Everything about this fabulous redwood play fort makes you think of cowboys and Indians and the wild, wild west!

Perched Playhouse

This Perched Playhouse is built over belt swings and a trapeze bar. The unique design provides for swinging underneath, climbing & sliding on either end, and a tea party up above.  Just perfect! A kids' playhouse that feels like a tree fort!

Texas Towers

Everything in Texas is big, and the rambling Texas Towers is no exception. This redwood play structure has multiple Towers, Bridges, Slides and Swings.

Le Grand Fort

Le Grand Fort was the "Ultimate Gift" in the FAO Schwartz 2000 Christmas Catalog.  This beautiful play structure was purchased by a family that resides in a 16th century Castle in the South of France. Barbara and her crew traveled to France and spent over a week living in the grand castle while installing Le Grand Fort. 

Fort Tuckaway

Fort Tuckaway is aptly named as it intertwines among the trees, with many parts hidden from view. This luscious redwood play fort in a kaleidoscope of color resides in the backyard of a famous Hollywood TV Writer/Producer.