Big Forts

Big Forts
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Fort Doublefun



Fort Doublefun is a wonderful combination of twos: 2 slides, 2 swings, 2 flagpoles, 2 playhouses, 2 play accessories (drop leaf table & chairs plus Ship's Wheel) and 2 ways up via the Ship's Ladder & an extra-large Rock Climbing wall. Perfect for a gang of kids of all ages.


Paradise Playfort

Paradise Playfort is tucked into a corner, amongst the trees. It looks and feels like a treehouse, but without any tree attachment.  The result of being carefully designed, built and installed to maximize previously under-utilized space and blend in with the surroundings. A rustic retreat for kids and adults.

Gateway Fortress

Gateway Fortress is meant for continuous play! Pass through the Gateway Entrance and scramble up the10' Swinging Bridge Ramp to the top of the Jailhouse Tower. Then across the 12' Straight Bridge (with 3 belt swings attached underneath) to the large Clubhouse on top of a Big Deck that has plenty of challenging up, down and underneath play features.

Fort Harmony

Fort Harmony provides plenty of activity for youngsters while at the same time blending into the landscape and providing a harmonious view from the main house.

Forest Hideaway
Forest Hideaway is long and narrow with a large 5' x 6' Clubhouse, front and rear decks, and a multitude of play features including:  a Rock Climbing Wall, Firepole, Rope Net Ladder, and Rung Ladder. Plus there is plenty of room under the deck for attaching challenging play accessories - choose from a wide variety!