Big Forts

Big Forts
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Fort Barbican

This great Play Fort stands guardian at the gates and provides a ton of fun, with the massive 6-sided Rock Climbing Tower, an Arched Bridge-over-Swings and a moat …swimming with alligators… or is that just my imagination?

Disney Lookout Tower

The Disney Lookout Tower was commissioned by Walt Disney Entertainment for the film "Bicentennial Man", starring Robin Williams. On location for over 2 months (and now residing at a northern California home), this beautiful 3 Tower play structure is complete in every detail fulfilling every kid's dream!

Wendys House

Barbara creates a vision of Never-Never Land with Wendy's House. Carved and stained in a delightful pallette of rich blues,greens, pinks,oranges and more, Barbara brings a child's fantasy to life in a magical redwood playstructure.

Count Rococos Castle

Count Rococo's Castle will inspire everyone to play outside! Who could resist play acting at rescuing damsels in distress, fighting dragons, or being crowned King & Queen in this whimsical redwood play structure. The Count's castle will also inspire lots of physical activity with four separate 2-story Towers, inside catwalks and lots of climbing.

Seaside Castle

This colorful Fort-by-the-Sea has an Octagon and a Stacking Fort connected by a Fortress Bridge-over-Swings. Speaking tubes run between the 2 Towers, allowing for whispered conversations. A Ship's Wheel and Captain's Bell are great fun for the nautically inclined shivering the timbers of this Play Fort.