Big Forts

Big Forts
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Count Rococos Castle

Count Rococo's Castle will inspire everyone to play outside! Who could resist play acting at rescuing damsels in distress, fighting dragons, or being crowned King & Queen in this whimsical redwood play structure. The Count's castle will also inspire lots of physical activity with four separate 2-story Towers, inside catwalks and lots of climbing.

Seaside Castle

This colorful Fort-by-the-Sea has an Octagon and a Stacking Fort connected by a Fortress Bridge-over-Swings. Speaking tubes run between the 2 Towers, allowing for whispered conversations. A Ship's Wheel and Captain's Bell are great fun for the nautically inclined shivering the timbers of this Play Fort.

Cape Codder Deluxe

The Cape Codder Deluxe is a combination playhouse and play fort. Create "His and Her" playhouses by adding an 8' angled Bridge off the Cape Codder Balcony, making a fun, uphill run to the 2-story Pentagon Climbing Tower.

Carolina Castle

A magical outdoor play fort for children, The Carolina Castle includes all of Barbara's "elements of fun" - 2 Forts with a connecting Bridge-over-Swings, multiple ways up & down, loops round & round, and color, color, color!

Pirates Haunt

Pirate's Haunt is a delightful combination of Play Fort (where Pirates hang out when ashore) and Pirate's Ship with Crow's Nest Lookout.  What better than to connect the 2 playstructures with a swinging bridge.