Big Forts

Big Forts
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The Clubhouse

The spacious, 2-story Clubhouse feels like a treehouse in its dappled niche. A giant slate blackboard and Pulley Bucket suggest secret meetings and "things" afoot. 

Fort Barbinga

Commissioned by Dreamworks, Fort Barbinga was designed and built for the movie "Envy", starring Jack Black & Ben Stiller.

Fort Bridget

Fort Bridget is a series of "step-ups" from the Lookout Tower to the Bridge-over-Swings to the Main Fort.  Hidden behind the Main Fort of this play structure,  deep in the shadows of the trees, is another bridge off the back, leading to a well-hidden Tree Perch.

Fort Santa Barbara

Fort Santa Barbara is built around a giant tree, with the branches breaking through the deck and railings. There is a separate Tree Perch with 100' Zip Line Ride (priced separately). 

Long Island Lookout

Our Long Island Lookout is an extra tall, 2-story Double Playhouse and a 5-sided Climbing Castle. The beautiful palette of colors evokes images of a summer garden in bloom. This redwood Playstructure brings adventure and visual excitement to your landscaping.