Big Forts

Big Forts
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Kids Rule Clubhouse

Kids Rule Clubhouse is a charming Double Playhouse plus Climbing Tower. Warm Magenta and Autumn contrast with Royal Blue and Castle Purple, giving the redwood glowing color.  Or, choose your own color palette!

Fort Kaleidoscope

It's as if you looked through a kaleidoscope to see brilliant colors in beautiful patterns everywhere.  The main 2-story fort has an attached 8' Bridge-over-Monkey-Bars connected to (just turn the corner) a 9' long Bridge-over-Swings.  At the end of the 1st bridge you can choose a fast exit via the turbo tube slide.  At the end of the 2nd bridge, climb down the Rope Net Ladder and scoot into the Garden Playhouse!

Cowabunga Clubhouse

Cowabunga Clubhouse is a top-of-the-line Play Fort for active, older kids. The completely finished 2nd story of the Clubhouse is 100% waterproof with interior pine paneling, insulation and electricity.

Fort Funstuff

Fort Funstuff is a delightful redwood play structure, designed to blend into the natural surroundings and still provide plenty of fun for the 5 kid "owners"!

Treeside Fort

Treeside Fort almost hugs this massive trunk, making it nearly a Tree Fort. Scramble up the Swinging Ramp into the Main Fort. A Bridge-over-Swings connects to a smaller Climbing Tower with Crazy Bar Climbs and a Firepole.