Nestled between three beautiful Redwood trees, this one of a kind two-tiered treehouse is held eight feet in the air. The handcrafted, straight rung ladder connects the ground to a 35 square foot, rectangular deck. The option to ride the tree-to-tree heavy duty Zip Line or to relax in the clubhouse makes the Redwood Treehouse a perfect combination of adventure and serenity.

Activity Center II is the 2nd in a series of backyard "jungle gyms" designed by Barbara to emphasize simple, open,elegant structures with built-in challenging play equipment. The Activity Centers are noted for their "loops of play" and lack of closed playhouse/clubhouse space.

Fort San Anselmo, a commercial play structure, is designed for the2 to 5 year age range: 2 Castle Towers with crenellation trims, Cobra Spiral Slide, Deep Rung Metal Climber, Rope Net Ladder, Swinging Bridge and more. Fort San Anselmo complies with the ASTM F1487-07 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Hidden Treasure is a very BIG playhouse with the added bonus of an attached 2-story Tower with Rope Net Ladder, Rock Climbing Wall, Firepole and Super Slide. Great for boys and girls! To see more, click on the image.

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