Together with the city of Palo Alto, the Friends of the Palo Alto Parks and Friends of the Magical Bridge Playground, we are creating the most innovative, inclusive playground in the country. Combined with our signature level of design and an all-encompassing mindset, we aim to create a playground that includes the many different types of people who are living in this community — those with autism, sensory and cognitive issues, visual limitations and older adults. The Magical Bridge Playground will be open to everyone Fall 2014 in Palo Alto's Mitchell Park. Stay glued to facebook.com/BarbaraButlerTreehouses and instagram.com/barbarabutlerbuilds for the most up-to-date progress. 

Climb upslide down, or zipline across to the brilliantly bright Los Gatos Treehouse. This handcrafted design is built to stand out from the rest of the space and inspire a creative environment. Whether you are playing dress-up, learning to read or writing a novel, the Los Gatos Treehouse will demand an inventive mindset.

Wrapped around a gorgeous tree that sits above a valley, the Tangled Up Treehouse provides people of all ages with a compelling experience in a peaceful environment. The Juliet Balcony is an exclusive feature that was built into the one-of-a-kind, two-tiered deck, that allows anyone to look out at the world around them. Designed to preserve the natural growth pattern of the tree, the Tangled Up Treehouse will coexist with this unique piece of nature for centuries. 

Set sail on a wild adventure aboard the pirate-themed Inverness Treehouse. Intentionally hidden within a grove of trees, this treehouse was crafted for the kid in all of us. The vast amount of space that the Inverness Treehouse covers enables it to include two tree perches, a swinging bridge, a clubhouse, a rope climb and a water cannon. With that many options, anyone who chooses to embark on a journey through this sea of leaves is guaranteed to discover.

Nestled between three beautiful Redwood trees, this one of a kind two-tiered treehouse is held eight feet in the air. The handcrafted, straight rung ladder connects the ground to a 35 square foot, rectangular deck. The option to ride the tree-to-tree heavy duty Zip Line or to relax in the clubhouse makes the Redwood Treehouse a perfect combination of adventure and serenity.

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