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PH136: Rosefield Cottage $107,880 Brochure

Rosefield Cottage is the perfect Valentine's playhouse! Hand-carved & stained on the outside with a fully finished, painted interior, this charming 100% waterproof playhouse (with real glass windows, oak Dutch door and built-in furniture) sits under the deck of the main house looking over the San Francisco bay. 

PH130: Cape Codder $23,960 Brochure

The Cape Codder Playhouse is designed to fit into a small area only 4' deep x 6' wide. This design maximizes play space by going upward, with a 2nd level of play on the balcony and a 3rd level of play in the loft under the peaked roof.

PH106: Kew Garden Cottage 18,840 Brochure

Kew Garden Cottage: This beautiful playhouse fits into a small space. The interior has a 6' long x 3' wide loft area tucked up under the waterproof, cedar shingled Gable Roof. The curve-top to the Dutch door & side window shutters create a whimsical look. The round porthole windows on each gable roof end bring sunlight & air to the loft space, making it the perfect place to read or take a nap. 

PH 141: Hidden Treasure $54,670 Brochure

Hidden Treasure is a very BIG playhouse with the added bonus of an attached 2-story Tower. This 63 square feet playhouse has a waterproof Gable roof with decorative scallop shingles, plus interior loft with railing and rung ladder. In addition to the front Dutch door, there are 2 interior doors (upper & lower) leading to the 5'x 5' Lookout Tower, which has a Pyramid Roof with decorative scallop shingles, plus a rock climbing wall, coil climber and rope net ladder. Great for boys and girls!

PH101: Cozy Cabin $4,990 Brochure

This Cozy Cabin is perfect for a deck or small yard. All the standard playhouse features are here: Dutch front door with sliding peephole & doorknocker, mailbox, shuttered windows, secret escape door, plus a faux Chimney, and hand-carved Tulip and "Smokey" the cat on the front wall. A treasured memory forever. Delivery & installation additional.

PH 139: Corner Playhouse $29,220 Brochure

Corner Playhouse is designed to fit in a corner, up against a wall or fence, with minimum intrusion into the yard and maximum play features. A small dynamo of a playhouse with a rock climbing wall, firepole, rung ladder, upper level Clubhouse & lower play space. Add interior drop leaf table with 2 drop seats for additional $775. Choose your own color palette.


PH137: Kitty Kat Cottage $24,890 Brochure

Kitty Kat Cottage is a large 6' x 6' playhouse up on stilts so that the kids can play amongst the tree branches. Access to the 3' x 6' front deck with picket railings and swinging gate is via an angled rung ladder. 

PH102 (Medium): Garden Playhouse $9,820 (Medium) Brochure

This adorable one-story Garden Playhouse has a front Dutch door with sliding "who-goes-there" peephole and doorknocker plus a mailbox and 2 side windows with shudders. A great place to read a book or have a tea party. The hand carved tulips on the front wall are optional or choose stars on the roof instead!

PH109: Train Station Office $16,830 Brochure

The Train Station Office brings us the nostalgia of old time America. There’s a ticket window, mail slot, shuttered window and front door with sliding “who-goes-there." South City is the nickname for South San Francisco, where Barbara’s shop is located. Imagine the Train Station Office paired with a Playhouse or Tipi.

PH117: Country Garden Shed $24,400 Brochure

Country Garden Shed was originally featured at the Los Angeles Baby Celebration Show as part of Benoit Exterior Design's fabulous edible eco "Grow with Me Garden".  To see other versions, click on our Slideshow.

PH105: Log Cabin $26,590 Brochure

Log Cabin is the Lincoln Log fan’s dream playhouse. Its rustic character and old west feeling are a great match for this woodsy site.

PH104: Tipi $8,970 Brochure

This Miwok-inspired Tipi (5' diameter x about 10' high) has a full floor and is stained inside and out. The Tipi is tucked between small trees and a large boulder, making it barely noticeable from a distance, a perfect setting for a woodland adventure. It makes a good companion to a play fort.

PH107 Medium: Country Cottage $19,700 (Medium) Brochure

Barbara's intricate hand-carvings on all sides and gated front porch beautifully enhance this custom playhouse, turning it into a garden of delights with Faeries in the most unexpected places.

PH135: Gingerbread Playhouse $38,200 Brochure

This elegant, custom playhouse is the perfect setting for a tea party.  Designed to fit precisely into the courtyard nook, the Gingerbread Playhouse has decorative cedar shingles, custom trims around doors & windows, and flower boxes everywhere.

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